News Digest 6-25-2020


Flash: Masks Now Required Everywhere in California

New guidelines outline when face coverings are now required in California and when Californians can go without. Click here for the guidance. Workers’ Comp Executive


California: Santa Ana policeman charged with workers’ comp fraud

A 39-year-old Santa Ana policeman who was injured in 2017 during a pursuit involving a stolen car has been charged with four counts of felony workers’ compensation insurance fraud, accused of collecting disability even though he was healthy enough to go back on the job. KCAL (Los Angeles) [with video]


Ohio corrections officer’s workers’ comp claim for COVID-19 denied

Some essential employees in Cleveland, including a corrections officer, report their workers’ compensation claims for job-related COVID-19 were denied. At the Cuyahoga County Jail, she is one of 25 correction officers at the jail to contract the virus, along with numerous detainees. Fox8 (Cleveland)


Trucker wrestles with next steps after denial of workers’ comp

A veteran trucker says he is among many frontline workers who must now prove his COVID-19 is work-related. Glenn Green suspects he contracted the illness at one of the many truck stops or plants he delivered along his route that took him through at least six states over a two-week period. The third-party workers’ compensation company his employer uses stated in its denial, “there is no evidence that the employee was exposed to the same strain of COVID-19 that anyone may or may not have had.” FreightWaves [with audio]


Audit: Connecticut Workers’ Comp Commission lacked approval for medical absences for employees

The Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission, which oversees and administers worker compensation claims, lacked approvals for medical leaves of absence for its own employees, according to a new audit. Yankee Institute