News Digest 3-19-2020


Flash: WCAB Limits Court Appearances & Filings

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is making changes to operations at the district office limiting exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus. Find out What, How and When by clicking right here. Worker’s Comp Executive


California: Bay Area deputy who sued team official previously convicted of fraud

The Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy who attempted to sue the president of the Toronto Raptors, after alleging the executive struck him during the 2019 NBA Finals celebration, reportedly was charged with felony insurance fraud and making false statements in 1994. Moreover, in 2005, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor insurance fraud. Yahoo! Sports


Coronavirus and insurance policies: what is covered?

Many Americans are worried not just about being exposed to the coronavirus, but about how various insurance policies they own or are thinking about buying would help them financially. Here are some common questions. Wall Street Journal [may require registration]


Former LAPD officer pleads no contest in workers’ comp fraud case

A 40-year-old former Los Angeles Police Department officer pleaded no contest late last week to one count each of grand theft and insurance fraud for collecting workers’ compensation insurance benefits before he resigned from the force in 2016. Prosecotors say the officer engaged in activities inconsistent with his claimed injuries while he was off work on disability in 2015 and misrepresenting the nature of his injuries to his employer. mynewsLA


Could coronavirus lead to workers’ comp claims?

Washington State is providing workers’ compensation benefits to these workers during the time they’re quarantined after being exposed to the coronavirus on the job. Across the country, employers are being confronted with the possibility of facing workers’ comp claims from employees who either contracted the coronavirus at work or during work-related travel. HR Morning